The following resolutions were submitted to be considered by the 2022 TWK Annual Conference according to the guidelines and deadline set in the TWK Standing Rules.

Please note: Both the “Special Sundays Observance” resolution and the “Resolution to Direct the Trustees…” were timely submitted to the Resolutions Committee.  Shortly after the deadline for submissions, the sponsors of those two resolutions submitted some clarifying language that did not change the substance and purpose of the resolutions.  The Resolutions Committee accepted these sponsor-requested amendments and recognized that they were consistent with the intent and substance of the original, timely-submitted resolutions.

The Standing Rules provide that the Resolutions Committee may offer a revised version of the original resolution, along with the original resolution, at Annual Conference. Therefore, both the original resolutions and the revised resolutions that include clarifications requested by the sponsors are posted.

The Committee will be recommending approval of the “REVISED FINAL” versions of these Resolutions at the Annual Conference.

2022 Housing Resolution   (approved 6/16/2022)

Revised final Special Sundays Resolution 2022   (approved 6/16/2022)


Amended Resolution to Direct the Trustees of the TWK in Disbursing Closed Church Proceeds

A Substitute Resolution Directing the Trustees on the Disbursement of Closed Abandoned Church Property 6.17.22


Gun Violence Resolution   (approved 6/16/2022)

Resolution for YO3 (End Slavery)   (approved 6/16/2022)

Reference Documents

TWK Standing Rules

Book Of Discipline & Book Of Resolutions Free Versions | UMC Books | Cokesbury

Book of Discipline Addendum and Errata_December 2019