Advisory Team

New Conference Litany Based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

By Rob Martin

There is a season for everything and a time for every matter under the heavens…

A time for new ideas and a time for necessary endings.

A time for planting new dreams and a time for uprooting customs familiar.

A time for thinking only individually and a time to think now cooperatively.

A time for discarding what didn’t work well and a time for finding what’s well worth the work.

A time to be separate by Jurisdictional charge and a time to gathered by delegate choice.

A time to think “lakes and rivers help divide” and a time to affirm “those waters are meant only to define.

A time for honoring the ministries of two conferences’ pasts and a time to discover what the new will amass.

A time for grieving what once was “mine” and a time for rejoicing that “our” new life will be fine.

A time when we thought “We’re better a part” and a time to think “What’s best at this new fresh start.”

A time to think what’s only good for me and a time to think what’s better for us.

A time to celebrate our ministries of excellence and a time to acknowledge our excellent mistakes.

A time to scoot with Willie and Waylon and a time to groove when Rufus and BB are playin’. 

A time to think of my home in Kentucky and a time to celebrate “Yes! Together we’re lucky.”

A time to sing the songs of our roots and a time to praise The Root of our song.

A time to wonder “Is this time acceptable?”

            And a time to acknowledge “now is the acceptable time!”

Gracious God, let us all be good stewards of this time.  It is the one thing we all have that is the same.  May our time be transformed from chronos to kairos by the power of your Spirit, the grace of your Son, and to the honor of your Holy name.  Amen.


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