Cedar Crest Camp & Beersheba Scholarships

In the past 8 years alone, Cedar Crest has awarded scholarships to over 700 campers, totaling $150,000 in camperships.  In this trying financial season for so many, summer camp scholarships will continue to be important.  Summer camp is a place where children, youth, and young adults can explore God’s call, live in holy community and experience the fun of adventure outdoors.  More scholarships will enable more students to be able to have these opportunities.  As Cedar Crest has grown and expanded its lodging, programming, and offerings, it seeks to include more campers of color and from diverse communities; all families are welcome at Cedar Crest.

Beersheba Springs Assembly has offered camping, retreats, and sabbath for churches and families in Middle Tennessee for over 75 years.  As it has transformed from rustic camping to spiritual retreat center, Beersheba has continued to be a resource for sabbath and creativity.  In these difficult times, offering families and churches a scholarship will extend the Assembly’s ability to offer sabbath and spiritual growth. And so, Beersheba has created a new scholarship fund called Gifts of the Spirit to assist families and individuals coming to retreat. 

After a season of limited fellowship, distancing, and indoor living, camp and retreat ministry will become more vital than ever to offer a sacred place apart where churches and families can experience Christian hospitality. 

Donate to Cedar Crest Camp’s Scholarship fund here.

Donate to Beersheba’s Scholarship fund here.