Churches Needed for Mobile Vaccination Sites

Update 02/09/2021
Further church vaccination sites are not needed at this time. Those received by Robert Craig last week have been forward to TEMA. TEMA will contact Robert and the church point of contact if their site is needed. 

Update 02/02/2021
The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency has requested that churches consider serving as Mobile Vaccination Sites.

The most urgent need is for sites in smaller population locations. Ideal locations need to have a parking lot area large enough to route several dozens of vehicles and a parking area for recipients to wait for observation after receiving the vaccine.

There also needs to be an indoor area for the staff to use restrooms, take breaks, and warm up or cool off.

The church can limit days and times of availability, like worship service times. They can also limit the length of availability. (This will likely last for several months in some locations.)

If you have a church with a large parking lot that could serve this role, please contact Robert Craig for more details and to add your church to the list of potential locations.