Commemorative Quilt Presented to TWK Annual Conference

Commemorative Quilt

given by

Threads of Faith Ministry of Temple UMC, Millington, TN

on behalf of Memphis Annual Conference 1840-2021

presented to new

Tennessee-Western Kentucky Annual Conference

June 3, 2021

This quilt tells the story of two annual conferences of the United Methodist Church that unite to become one conference.

There once were two annual conferences of the UMC called the Memphis Annual Conference and the Tennessee Conference.  These conferences were divided by a beautiful, flowing body of water, the Tennessee River.  In January 2022, these two conferences will join to become the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Annual Conference, thereby erasing the boundary that divided them.  The uniting of these two conferences is symbolized in this quilt by the deep, dark blues in the top left corner gradually fading to lighter and lighter shades in the bottom right.  In like manner, the dividing line of the conferences, the Tennessee River, disappears.

On either side of this disappearing boundary of the Tennessee River are individual churches, symbolized in the patchwork design of unique shapes and fabrics.  Each individual church is distinctive and unique, yet all stitched together into one body, the United Methodist Church, symbolized by the cross and flame that is central to the quilt.

The cornerstones of the quilt reflect the motto of the UMC: Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.  The final corner, filled with the images of children, reflects the rich, hopeful future of the new TWKUMC Annual Conference, as well as the future of our denomination.

Thanks be to God!  Amen.

D’Leigh Harwell

Barbara Reilly