Important Transitional Information from the Board of Ordained Ministry

Message sent on September 21, 2021, to those who are somewhere in the process of licensing or ordination in the Memphis or Tennessee Annual Conference.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the future TWK Annual Conference,

Grace and peace to you! We write today to share some important information with you.

First, we hope that you saw Sunday’s announcement that Jefferson Furtado will be serving as the Equip Ministry Associate for the TWK Annual Conference.  He will assist and  support the Equip Strategy Team for the new conference, under which the Board of Ordained Ministry falls.  We on both Boards look forward to working with Jefferson.

Second, we want to offer sincere thanks to Deborah Owens and Jacob Vaughn for their invaluable work in the Office of Leadership Formation and Development, the work of which will be absorbed into the work of the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Equip Strategy Team.  

Third, we want to offer sincere assurances to each of you that your conference staff and volunteers at all levels are putting structures and processes in place to ensure that all of the work formerly done by the OLFD is addressed. While at the beginning that work may not be as seamless or efficient as you have become used to, please know that we will continue to walk alongside you through this process and support you in every possible way.

Fourth, please ensure all email correspondence that would have formerly been sent to Jacob Vaughn or Deborah Owens is sent to the appropriate address listed below:

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Beth Bernheisel ( or Bryan Brooks ( We would love to assist in any way possible!

With gratitude,

Mary Beth Bernheisel, Chair, Memphis Conference Board of Ordained Ministry

Bryan Brooks, Chair, Tennessee Conference Board of Ordained Ministry