Lakeshore Camp Scholarships

“Let’s do a camp for Children of Alcoholics,” said a friend. Thus, began a process in 1995 that would lead to what Lakeshore has called the “Camp Hope Series” of summer programs for at-risk youth. The unique program has been a life-changing opportunity for many young persons as it continues into the 2021 season. Its components include the following:

  • Elementary Camp Hope (for at-risk children)
  • Camp Teen Hope 
  • Camp Grace (Sexually abused teens-female)
  • Camp Peace (Youth struggling with anger management)

Participants in these camps often come to us through social services, foster care facilities or families, and parents seeking an answer. Many have had significant encounters with the sacred and found hope for a positive, meaningful future. Others have come to attend our regular camps and growing in faith enough to become counselors and summer staff leaders. Lakeshore believes that Christ-centered camping is a “means of grace” that is inspiring across racial, ethnic, and socio-economic lines. We are committed to reaching out into communities and young persons that would not typically have the opportunity to attend camp. 

All funds offered in support of the Lakeshore ministry will go toward offsetting the over $100,000 in camperships that will be extended in this camp year. We are grateful for the continued support of the Memphis Annual Conference and look forward to serving the new Tennessee Western Kentucky Annual Conference in the years to come. Check out our many camp opportunities at

Donate to Lakeshore Camp’s Scholarship fund here.