Leadership Structure

The new conference Structure Design Team worked with the guidelines provided in the Book of Discipline (Section IX, The Annual Conference beginning with paragraph 601) regarding conference structure and also considered the book Seven Levers: Missional Strategies for Conferences by Bishop Robert Schnase as a resource. The work to shape the structure of our new conference focused on our mission, vision, and values, adopted by both the Memphis and Tennessee annual conferences.


These area-wide strategy teams are included in the structure for the future Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference. Members for each team were nominated and approved by the 2020 annual conferences.

Connectional Table
Team Leader: Bishop William T. McAlilly
Assistant to the Bishop: Rev. Dr. Rob Martin
Administrative Team Leader: Keith Phelps
Discover/Send Team Leader: Rev. Toi King
Connect Team Leader: Rebecca Little
Equip Team Leader: Bethany Huffman
Communications Team Leader: H. G. Stovall
Dean of the Cabinet: Rev. Scott Aleridge
Lay Leader: Janice McCallen
***Staff Leadership additions to be determined

Administrative Services Strategy Team
Memphis Conference, Team Leader: Keith Phelps
Tennessee Conference: Morris Irby
Memphis Conference: Rev. Tim Carpenter
Tennessee Conference: T. J. Dixon
Tennessee Conference: Leslie Hotzfeld

Discover/Send Strategy Team
Tennessee Conference, Team Leader: Rev. Toi King
Memphis Conference: Elyse Bell
Tennessee Conference: Rev. Regina Girten
Tennessee Conference: Joy Shin
Memphis Conference: J. V. Thompson

Connect Strategy Team
Tennessee Conference, Team Leader: Rebecca Little
Memphis Conference: Ayanna Hampton
Tennessee Conference: Rev. Michele Morton
Tennessee Conference: Rev. Abe Zimmerman
Memphis Conference: Jennie Dickerson

Equip Strategy Team
Memphis Conference, Team Leader: Bethany Huffman
Tennessee Conference: Susan Graham
Memphis Conference: John Williams
Tennessee Conference: Rev. Christine Penner
Memphis Conference: Wardell Seals

Communications Strategy Team
Tennessee Conference, Team Leader: H. G. Stovall
Memphis Conference: Rev. Erin Beasley
Tennessee Conference: Brennen Boose
Memphis Conference: Leslie Bouldin
Tennessee Conference: Matthew Brown
Tennessee Conference: Rev. Lory Catlett
Memphis Conference: Robert Curlin
Tennessee Conference: Taylor Davenport
Tennessee Conference: Rev. Krislyn Durham
Tennessee Conference: Linda Furtado
Memphis Conference: Rev. Jason W. Jones
Memphis Conference: Janice McCallen
Tennessee Conference: Megan McInnis
Memphis Conference: Rev. William Simms
Tennessee Conference: Robin Stanfield
Memphis Conference: Penny Story
Tennessee Conference: Amy J. Hurd, APR
Memphis Conference: Rev. Bill Lawson
Tennessee Conference: Kylie Marino
Tennessee Conference: Meg Young