Name for New Conference is Announced

This email message was sent on 12/01/19 by the Nashville Episcopal Office to all e-news subscribers in the Tennessee Conference and in the Memphis Conference.

Advent greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus the Christ Child!

As we work toward the creation of the new conference, we do so with a feeling of the same kind of expectation which comes with Advent. It seemed fitting, then, to share the name of our new conference with you on this day, the first Sunday in Advent.

We are pleased to announce that we are to become the…
Tennessee–Western Kentucky Conference of the United Methodist Church.

We considered, vetted, and prayed over the more than 160 names you submitted. This team – comprised of lay and clergy people, young and seasoned, from middle and west Tennessee and western Kentucky – carefully considered several things in this process, including:

  • What does our conference name need to project?
  • Who uses the name of our conference?
  • How must our identity be reflected in the name?
  • How can we be certain to include everyone at the table?

We United Methodists are in a time of anticipation. We hold out hope for the birth of this new mission field that stretches from Memphis to Crossville to Paducah and all the places in between.

Pray with us that we continue to follow in Jesus’s footsteps as we lean into the call to be more Christ-like in our walks, our missions, and our sharing of the joyous gospel of His life.

In Christ,
George Brown
Sandra Burnett
Jathaniel Cavitt
Aaron Clayton
Jake Cocke
Michele Crater
Autura Eason-Williams
Haley Hendren
JaHa Martin
Bishop Bill McAlilly
Janice McCallen
Sam McGlothlin
Whitney Mitchell
Kayla Neese
H.G. Stovall
Georgia Touchton