New Conference Data Committee / May 2020

New Conference Data Committee Team Members:

Clare Wilson
Melinda Parker
Delores Smith
Celena Spiva
Lynn Taylor

  1. The team is composed of assistant treasurer/conference benefits officer (Mem), assistant benefits officer (TN), Tennessee River District administrative assistant (Mem), Red River district administrative assistant, and Nashville Episcopal Area director of missional alignment.
  1. Discussed the pros/cons/uses of the databases currently being used (Mission Connect, Brick River) and GCFA data system. 
  1. Decision made to utilize and mirror Mission Connect for the database system for both conferences.
  1. Will work with Al Fifhause at Mission Connect to mirror the categories on the compensation page with conversion no later than 1/1/2021. Will determine how much data can be exported/imported and the fields that will need to be manually updated.
  1. Brick River will no longer be utilized for database purposes after 12/31/2020 although the communications team and finance teams will need to decide if Brick River would continue to be utilized for purposes related to their teams.
  1. Lay leadership data (positions and contact information), clergy education, appointment history, and family information will be added or imported to Mission Connect for the Memphis Conference.
  1. Decision made to mirror the format for the standard reports from GCFA Ezra System for both conferences. Clare will work to adjust the reporting fields on the Ezra system to match so that preprinted reports will be able to easily be merged.
  1. Decision made to mirror the compensation form used by both conferences assuming that the health insurance, pensions, and direct billing/insurance cost sharing percentage are the same.
  1. Schedule and plan the process for any data that must be manually entered into Mission Connect on the Memphis side. Clergy appointment history, education, and family info at a minimum and any other fields that can’t be imported by Mission Connect staff.

Submitted May 19, 2020.