New Conference Journal Committee / May 2020

New Conference Journal Committee Team Members:
Jim Allen
Dean Emerson
Amy Hurd
Monica Mowdy
Melinda Parker
David Russell
Cindy Solomon
Nancy Johnston Varden
Jacob Vaughn

The New Conference Journal Committee met on February 5, 2020, prior to the COVID-10 pandemic. Next steps from that meeting are below. NOTE: with the delay of the start of the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference, dates listed below need to modified by adding a year to each.

  1. Approval and funding are needed for a smaller journal to be produced after the fall 2020 organizational conference.
  2. Titles (Rev., Rev. Dr., etc.) will be dropped from 2020 and future journals unless it’s part of a submitted report or memoir or it’s a reference to the bishop.
  3. Jim Allen contacted the SEJ secretary to ask if SEJ has any rules concerning annual conference journals (paragraph 527 in Book of Discipline).
  4. Nomination and funding are needed for the 2021 journal editor.
  5. Where does the 2021 journal fit in the new conference structure?
  6. Once a 2021 journal editor is named, a team will be formed to discuss processes, gathering information, and reviewing drafts. It may include members of the Journal Committee.
  7. Both 2020 Tennessee and Memphis conference journals and the 2021 Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference journal will be printed in limited quantities for conference staff and leadership. They will also be available online as downloadable PDF files. Individuals can buy print-on-demand copies from Cokesbury. Future issues may be online with very limited print copies for key conference staff.
  8. For the 2021 journal, consider creating two volumes. The first contains statistical tables and the financial audit; the second contains everything else: conference officers/leadership, boards/commissions/committees, daily proceedings, BAC, reports/resolutions, memoirs, historical records, service records for clergy, etc.

Submitted May 12, 2020