Mama Lynn Center Is Now a Reality

Back in 2016, the Tennessee, Memphis, and Cal-Pac annual conferences partnered with the East Congo Episcopal Area, raising funds to build a women’s center in Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, for women who have survived sexual violence. 

The Mama Lynn Center, named after Lynn McAlilly, wife of Bishop Bill McAlilly, is now completed and very active. Construction of an additional building with an auditorium and classrooms is now underway.

The Mama Lynn Center is a sanctuary for women to receive care and find restoration. These women also receive training to develop marketable skills like cooking and sewing.

The center provides space for women to get medical attention, counseling, and faith-centered nurture to address problems related to their experiences. They can recover self-respect, dignity, and a sense of joy.

After this intensive restoration to wholeness, these women return to their villages with renewed life and spirit.

They not only have a new outlook but also marketable skills, leadership training, and a positive outlook that will have a transformative effect on their village.


How We Can Continue to Help

Upon graduation, women receive bundles of cooking supplies, including pans, cooking flour, sugar, palm oil, and vegetable oil, as well as bundles of cloth and a sewing machine.

These materials are essential to these women’s success. Our ongoing support will allow them to continue receiving the help they need for years.


2024 Annual Conference Offering

You may bring your church’s offering to the annual conference in June.

You also can donate to the offering online at Annual Conference Offering: Mama Lynn Center