1. How much time should I allow to get to Murfreesboro First UMC from my hotel? Answer: Please allow roughly 15-20 minutes to drive from your hotel to the church.
  2. Will coffee be available? Answer: Yes! There will be coffee! You will have two options. There will be free coffee outside the sanctuary, and there will be coffee for purchase in the mission café.
  3. What else is available in the mission café? Answer: Gourmet coffee, sandwiches, and snacks, including homemade oatmeal pies. Proceeds will go toward missions supported by MFUMC.
  4. Where will the proceeds go if I buy food or coffee in the mission room? Answer: The funds will be directed to a mission in Guatemala.
  5. Will there be additional accessible parking? Answer: Yes, there will be accessible parking, which will be designated as such.
  6. Will the clergy food truck event offer a place to get away from the heat? Answer: Yes! The group has reserved the Family Life Center at the church for use during the event. They also plan to have extra water on hand.
  7. Do I have to download the Guidebook App in order to participate in the annual conference? Answer: The information on the TWKAC24 App mirrors the information available at twkumc.org/AC2024, so you can choose to use either to find reports, resolutions, maps, etc. Plus, you can connect with fellow conference attendees and post pictures and other fun things!
  8. I am not very tech-savvy. How can I get help with voting? Answer: If you are having difficulty voting, a teller on the floor will come assist you.
  9. Will the building be cold? Answer: The air conditioning will be on and it would be wise to bring a sweater or jacket if you tend to get cold easily.
  10. Can I bring my baby? Answer: In addition to nursery care, there is a private nursing room available as well as a crying room in the back of the sanctuary.
  11. Where are the children during the annual conference? Answer: Day Camp and the nursery are both accessed through the side door on the west side of the church building. Only families with children may access the building through those doors.
  12. Will large print bulletins be available? Answer: Yes, large print bulletins will be available outside the sanctuary.