A Device is Needed to Participate 

Everyone eligible to vote will receive a Voting Code from GNTV and will be expected to use that code to vote on a smartphone or tablet.

Please note: All ordained clergy, associate members, deaconesses, and home missioners will receive their voting codes for the annual conference via their TWK email addresses. If you have not yet done so, please activate your TWKUMC.org email address as soon as possible.

Lay voting members’ voting codes will be sent (in June) to the email address provided when they were elected to serve during your church’s fall charge conference.

Clergy voting codes will be sent from GNTV in May to your TWK email address for the June 2 clergy session and annual conference sessions. Follow these instructions to login into your TWK email and how to forward it to another address, if preferred. Please contact your district administrator or AC2023@twkumc.org if you need assistance or have questions.

Those voting members participating from another location will sign in to a private Zoom Webinar in order to vote, ask questions, and be recognized to speak. In addition, to ensure that all voting members have an equal opportunity to be recognized to speak, everyone will need to use an online form to request a spot in the queue. (Onsite, there will be tellers and pages to assist you with this.)

Friday, June 2 

1:00 PM  TWK Clergy Session will be held online. Voting codes will be sent out via email the week beforehand.

GNTV training on how to vote 

Alternate Lay Voter Procedure
If an elected Lay Voting Member cannot attend, below is the procedure to have the alternate take their place:
1. The Lay voting member contacts their pastor.
2. The pastor contacts the district office requesting the switch.
3. The district will verify the alternate.
4. The District Administrator will make the change and request a new voting code for the alternate.