Hello brothers/sisters in Christ.

Last year at the 2022 TWK Annual Conference a resolution was passed regarding property, especially as it has related
to small membership churches.


The Board of Trustees shall create from the existing closed church
fund a Small Membership Church Improvement Fund of $1 million dollars for the
benefit of churches worshipping 50 or less as determined by Table 1, Line 7 of the
church’s most recent statistical report.  The fund would be used to assist small
churches with major building repair issues.  An application and approval process
for access to such funds by small churches is to be developed by the
Administration and the Discover/Send Strategy Teams.

With that being said, the application process has opened. The application form is available below as a fillable PDF as well as a Word document. You may complete either version. Once you complete the application, please scan and email me the information at Scott.Aleridge@twkumc.org. Should you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Scott Aleridge, Director of Property and Development


Small Church Improvement Grant Application