The Tennessee-Western Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church has selected Gmail, a platform within Google Workspace, as the official email platform of the new conference. It will bear the domain of which is also our website domain.  Unlike legacy TNUMC accounts, “.com” addresses will not be in use.

TWK UMC Conference Staff, including District Staff, will use a account to send and receive email. Their address will follow a naming convention of

All active, licensed, and ordained clergy will be issued a TWK UMC email address with the same naming convention, This address will become the address of record and will be where communication from the Conference teams and staff and District teams and staffs will be sent to clergy. 

As a result, an embedded directory will exist allowing for ease of communication and to reduce errors in selecting an address. What this means is that you will be able to select a recipient for an email message by typing a portion of their name and clicking on their address. 

Users may elect to forward email from TWKUMC to a church or other address as a matter of convenience but will be responsible for keeping the forwarding address up to date as a result of appointment changes. 

All retired full and associate clergy members in good standing will be offered the benefit of a email address as a means of staying connected but will not be required to utilize the platform. 

Although our timeline for the completion of this rollout is under development with our vendor, we hope to finish this process by summer’s end. We will continue to provide updates over the course of the next several months. 

For further questions, please contact either your district administrator or H.G. Stovall (