Greetings Beloved,

Linda Furtado, a TWK local pastor who recently started as the Director of Spirituality and Arts at Scarritt Bennett, would like to invite you to attend a lunch and learn that will be preceded by a related worship experience on this coming Tuesday afternoon. The preacher and instructor for the 30-minutes worship and roughly 1 hour Lunch and Learn session will be Cherie White.

Cherie White, D. Min. is a retired person in mission who served with the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church in Chile and Mexico for over 41 years. She was a professor and academic dean at the Methodist Seminary in Mexico City. She now lives in Nashville with her husband the Rev. José Luis Velazco.

The topical of focus for the 12:30 pm worship in Wightman Chapel on Tuesday is “Women at the Cross (Roads): Confident, Courageous, and Committed.” When we transition to the Lunch and Learn we will talk about women’s rights, justice, and how to participate in a global initiative toward a world without rape and violence called #ThursdaysInBlack.

Registration is encouraged for the Lunch and Learn for the meal we will host in Bennett Hall on campus at Scarritt Bennett. The cost of the meals is supplemented by our Soul Work programming department making it just $10 per person. Our hope is that you will enjoy this opportunity to learn, network, and act with purposes at the close of our time together.

You are welcome to come and offer a donation as you feel lead, attending without purchasing a meal to help support our ability to offer programming like this in the future. Even without registration and without purchasing a meal or making a donation, know that the most valuable part of this experience is your presence!

Come and help support this missional work. Enjoy free parking, the preached word, and joining together as the word comes to life in and through us in the practices of our faith through this work for justice in our ministry together.

Ready to Register? Visit

Not eating? Just email Linda at to let her know you are coming and Scarritt will save a seat at the lunch and learn for you!