Now that we have approval by the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference to form a new conference, we are beginning a nominations process to identify leaders for the future Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference.

This fall we will need to nominate leaders for boards, agencies, and committees. This is important work as it relates to our mission, vision, and values

Serving on conference boards and agencies is an important ministry. Each person who serves brings a unique voice to the table—a voice of experience, value, and representation.  

There are 4 strategic initiatives for the new conference that will inform our work as we develop leadership teams.

  • To Develop Transforming Clergy and Lay Leaders
  • To Invest and Empower Young and Diverse People
  • To Engage the Mission Field through partnering communities.
  • To Create Fruitful and Faithful Congregations.

Our goal is not simply to place a name in a spot but to identify and nominate persons who have a vibrant faith in Christ, and who bear fruits of that faith in their daily lives.  

In this time of our new conference formation, we are searching for leaders who represent the diverse membership of our new conference and who have gifts that can be deployed in the various programmatic and administrative areas of our conference’s ministry.

Expectations for those who serve:  

  • vibrant faith 
  • commitment to the United Methodist Church 
  • full participation in the work of the specific ministry area they are called to serve including regular meeting attendance and active engagement with the team
  • participation in leadership development opportunities as they are offered by the Equip Strategy Team


As you consider submitting a nomination, please watch the video about the Nominations Process from Bishop McAlilly and Bethany Huffman, chair of the Equip Strategy Team. Nominations Process Video

You may submit the name of a person who meets the expectations and is open to the commitment requirements.  Please check with them and ask if they are willing to serve, if selected. Nomination forms must be submitted by August 9, 2021. Deadline extended to August 16, 2021!

NOMINATION FORM (to nominate others)

SELF-NOMINATION FORM (You may offer your own name)

All of the names will be collected to create a “pool of candidates” from which the Transitional Nominating Committee will formally nominate for positions after careful prayer, Christian conferencing, and discernment.

Those selected to be nominated will be contacted in October about serving in the new year.

If you have questions regarding this nominations process, please contact the Nominations Team at one of these email addresses: or