Resolution for ‘Intent to Form New Conference’ Passes

This was first printed on the Memphis Conference website


Bishop William T. (Bill) McAlilly
Nashville Episcopal Area
The United Methodist Church

I am pleased to announce that the Memphis and Tennessee Annual Conferences have voted, each by more than 87%, to endorse the intent to move forward with a plan to form a new conference!

With this positive vote, the conferences have agreed to rely on God to show us the “new thing” that God is doing! (Isaiah 43:19).

Next steps:

  • We will continue to model innovation, unity, and good stewardship of our resources.
  • In the 2018-2019 conference year, the Memphis and Tennessee Conferences will continue the process of alignment in any additional areas where there might be a benefit to both conferences.
  • The advisory team will continue its work on two main items listed below needing more clarification, with quarterly reports during the 2018-2019 conference year.
  1. The methodology used to pay for the conference budget, including health and pensions costs.
  2. A decision regarding utilization of one health care provider for both conferences.
  • The advisory team will complete its study and offer its findings on these and any other remaining items no later than the 2019 annual conferences.
  • Each conference will receive additional information and will then vote upon whether or not to approve a plan for a new conference in 2019.
  • If each conference votes in 2019 to approve such plan(s), including a motion for approval to the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference in 2020, and if those are passed, we will meet as a fully unified new annual conference in 2021.

The Advisory Team includes lay people and clergy from both conferences. This includes leaders identified by position and also those who have shown dedication in service. The individuals serving are:

Scott Aleridge, Jim Allen, Allen Black, Bill Bowen, Sr., Melinda Britt, Bryan Brooks, George Brown, Lane Camp, Lisa Carson, Richard Clark, Kevin Conrad, Larry Davis, Keith Enders, Joe Geary, David Hayes, Frank Holbrook, Leslie Hotzfeld, Bethany Huffman, Terry Hundley, Amy Hurd, Johnny Jeffords, Tom Laney, Rob Martin, Bishop Bill McAlilly, Bill Milliken, Ken Murray, Holly Neal, Donna Parramore, John Pearce, Paul Purdue, David Reed, Deborah Smith, Lynn Taylor, Tommy Ward, Ed White, Nita Wright