Our church currently has an opening for an Administrative Assistant. Please see the description below:
Part-time position (20 hours (with room to grow), Flexible hours, Monday-Thursday) to begin mid-October

Wanted: A believer, active follower of Jesus to be the administrative assistant at Spring Hill United Methodist Church. Membership and Sunday service attendance are not expected. Salary range will be $16-$20 based on experience and recommendations.

Responsible to: Pastor, and Staff-Parish Relations Committee
The administrative assistant will work under the direct supervision of the Pastor. Arrangements for special hours, changes in days off, and other such matters shall be a matter arrived at between these two. Also, the administrative assistant shall exercise any and all powers delegated to him/her by the pastor.
This part-time position’s primary objectives are to support the operations of the church office, provide administrative support to pastoral, music staff and youth staff, and to administer processes that allow for efficient, effective execution of building and facilities operations which are ministry related.
1. Attitude and Communication:
1. Effectively communicate in various media, including both verbally and in writing.
2. Offer knowledgeable guidance regarding the office matters and church functions.
3. Demonstrate professional and cordial conduct and good interpersonal skills at all times.
4. Graciously assist staff, members, and guests.
5. Greet those who come into the office, answer their questions, give needed assistance, or refer them to the proper person.
6. Answer the telephone and give assistance or forwarding the call to the appropriate staff person.
7. Keep confidential and/or sensitive information about anyone with whom they interact.
8. Perform other responsibilities as assigned. Be well-organized, self-motivated, and able to set priorities, and work independently, manage time efficiently.
2. Organizational/Administrative:
1. Keep church records as assigned, including records required by the Book of Discipline as well as those requested by church committees.
2. Organize and send newsletters and bulk mailings. Complete postal forwarding of daily church mail.
3. Give clerical support to all staff, program staff and church committees.
4. Maintain a master calendar of all church activities and of all events taking place in our facilities, as well as the use of church assets (tables, chairs, etc.)
5. Maintain an adequate inventory of office supplies. Maintain office equipment and arrange for repairs when necessary. Maintain an orderly environment.
6. Must be able to organize and administer the information that comes into the office and to complete tasks down to the details.
7. Prepare documents for publications including church bulletins and announcements, other worship related documents, as well as other brochures, flyers, documents, and presentations by request. Manage outside requested announcements as appropriate.
8. Send out notices of meeting of all committees and reminders to volunteers as requested.
9. Maintain and update database of mailing lists, membership status, birthdays, and committees.
10. Follow office and church policies and protocols.
11. Secure the facility as necessary.
12. Willingness to learn church structure and how the church operates.
13. Support and be able to articulate the vision, mission, ministry, and core values of the church.
3. Computer and Office Equipment Skills:
1. Able to operate computers and standard software including all Microsoft products, especially Word, Outlook, and Excel, including mail merge, and more specialized software designed for church management (Church Windows Database). Prefer familiarity of Publisher and PowerPoint.
2. Able to understand and operate office equipment and machines, including phones, copiers, printers, fax, and computer and server resetting.
3. Operation of a computer system in the daily task of organizing and implementing church business. Assist in drafting and typing letters, reports, records, etc. as needed.
4. Miscellaneous Duties and Attendance
1. Must be reliable about job attendance, but should also be flexible about the schedule if the need to change it arises.

To apply: please email cover letter & resume to, attention: SPRC Chair, Deadline for applying is October 1, 2023