Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
Administrative Assistant

Position Summary

The Administrative Assistant position is a part-time position that directly oversees the administrative office functions at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (GSUMC) in Hendersonville, TN. This position reports directly to the Lead Pastor and the Staff Parish Relations Team (SPRT).

Hours/Salary/Probationary Term
The average work week consists of twenty-four (24) hours. However, actual hours may vary, depending on activities. Furthermore, as GSUMC grows, this position’s duties will grow, which, in time, will be reflected monetarily.
The first ninety (90) days of employment is considered probationary to assess the progress of the Administrative Assistant.

Spiritual Expectations

• The Administrative Assistant of GSUMC is expected to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ, seeking to know, love, serve, and spread the Good News, which aligns with Our Mission to CONNECT with the bent and broken, GROW as a devoted follower of Christ, SERVE the community and world, and GO out and share Jesus’ message.
• Willing to be a servant, possessing a humble heart.
• Striving to maintain a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ being a person of integrity and Christian character; and willing to live within United Methodist doctrinal standards.

Computer Knowledge Required:
• Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Publisher and other currently used software and apps

Computer Knowledge Preferred:
• Realm – Realm is a 100% web-based church software solution, which enables data accessibility 24/7 from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. This platform is used for attendance, people profiles, rosters, and much more.
CONNECT (Welcome/Hospitality & Communication)

• Maintain a relationship with Good Shepherd UMC by being a part of the church community (i.e., attendance at church functions, etc.).
• Maintain confidentiality.
• Effectively listen and communicate.
• Possess an ability and willingness for positive, productive conflict resolution.
• Have a high level of initiative, motivated by a positive, energetic, and enthusiastic attitude.
• Possess organizational skills and an attention to detail.

GROW (Discipleship)
• Participate as part of the Church Staff, meeting with the Church Staff as needed to align with the overall mission and vision of GSUMC.

SERVE (Principal Functions)
• Prepare Annual Conference report forms.
• Type and prepare all worship bulletins/inserts for Sunday morning and special services.
• Supervise collating of bulletins.
• Layout and prepare church brochures and flyers.
• Receive, process, and respond to correspondence as needed (hard copy and electronic).
• Screen calls and visitors for Lead Pastor and other staff members.
• Coordinate and maintain schedules with Lead Pastor and other staff members, as needed.
• Complete general office duties, including assisting congregation members and answering the telephone.
• Maintain the church calendar, including committee, team, and group meetings.
• Keep accurate records of new members, transfers, births, deaths, marriages, and change of addresses.
• Maintain membership database and supervise membership rolls (see previous bullet).
• Record worship and Sunday school attendance.
• Proofread all printed materials before publishing.
• Perform any other administrative duties as assigned by Lead Pastor, other staff members, and/or Staff Parish Relations Team (SPRT).
• Supervise office machine operation and maintenance.
• Receive and communicate all prayer requests to appropriate persons.
• Gather/record information and prepare report for Charge Conference.
• Serve as Charge Conference secretary and member of Church Council (as it relates to Charge Conferences duties).
Go (Evangelism)

• Strive to ensure everyone who enters the GSUMC office area feels the presence of God and knows they matter and are loved.
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