Associate Director of Children’s Ministry ST. LUKE’S METHODIST CHURCH ORLANDO, FLORIDA October 2022 Full Time/$40,000 salary
The Associate Director of Children’s Ministry is a part of the Children’s Ministry Team and provides logis:cal, opera:onal, and programming support to the church and Children’s Ministry under the direc:on of the Director of Children’s Ministries. This posi:on is responsible for suppor:ng the development and implementa:on of program ministries that enrich and develop spiritual growth for children and families. This includes all elementary-age children’s programming, events, and ac:vi:es such as St. Luke’s Sports, Summer Camps, and Sunday and Wednesday Discipleship; as well as empowering leaders, and volunteers, developing systems, communica:ng with par:cipants, and handling administra:ve areas of the ministry.
Work Experience: Minimum of two years of experience working or volunteering with children in a church or school- related seGng.
EducaEon/Training: A college educa:on degree is preferred.
General QualificaEon: Innova:ve, self-starter, excellent oral and wriIen communica:on, strong planning, organiza:onal and problem-solving skills, works well with teams; crea:ve and nurturing leadership. Computer proficiency in MicrosoL Word/Excel, and church database soLware. Comfortable using social media as a communica:on and outreach tool for the Children’s Ministry. Must have the ability to recruit, train and equip leaders and teams.
Ministerial ResponsibiliEes: under the direcEon of the Director of Children’s Ministry
• Empower leadership from both adults and children to implement ministry programming.
• Create an environment where children and families of all ages and stages can connect with God, including but
not limited to Sunday morning programming, Wednesday evening programming, sports programming, summer
camp, VBS, annual events, and special ac:vi:es.
• Create registra:on processes for all Children’s Ministry ac:vi:es.
• AIend worship weekly at St. Luke’s
• With the St. Luke’s Sports Core team, organize seasonal sports, this includes prac:ce, game day ac:vi:es, and
end-of-the-season celebra:ons.
• Plan and run any Summer Camp opportuni:es for children in collabora:on with the Director of Children’s
Ministries and CDC Director, connec:ng the mission to the vision of St. Luke’s.
• Assist in the running of Sunday morning programming.
• Assist in the planning of the Children’s Ministry year-round ministry calendar.
• In conjunc:on with the Director of Children’s Ministry will vision, choose, and prepare curriculum for children
from Toddlers – Grade 5.
• Assist in recrui:ng and training children’s ministry leaders, coaches, and teams.
• Par:cipate in Children’s Core team mee:ngs and ac:vi:es.
• AIend and par:cipates in staff mee:ngs, Grow Ministry Area, and other mee:ngs as required.
• Create and implement a communica:on plan for the ministry area u:lizing the Director of Marke:ng.
• Work with other staff persons to enhance the overall program and mission of the church.
• Assist with the management of social media accounts.
• Organize and prepare ministry areas making sure Sunday and Wednesday spaces are set up and prepared for
teachers’ and kids’ arrival.
• Assist with ministry area inventory, tracking, and ordering and organiza:on.
• Maintain the ministries’ supply and storage rooms.
• And other tasks as needed.