Executive Director 


February 7, 2023 




The Director of Student Ministries supports FBSUMC’s Mission and Vision for nurturing middle school and high school students into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and for challenging them in their spiritual growth and service to others. Through our involvement with individuals and programs, we enable our student members to seek meaningful ways to be in ministry in our church and community. 


The specific duties of the Director of Student Ministries include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Provide Leadership for volunteers, parents and team
  2. Student Director will regularly meet with team and supervisor
  3. Recruit and train adult and student leadership for student ministries including Sunday 

school, Bible Studies, and other student ministries

  1. Conduct regular meetings with Student Ministry Council and middle school and high school teachers for the purpose of planning, communication and implementation of a wellbalanced student ministry including the elements of study, fellowship, and service. 4. Coordinate all communication with for volunteers, parents, and team 
  2. Provide Leadership for Student Ministry 
  3. Work with appropriate staff to and leadership to implement and integrate opportunities for students in growth and serving in ministry. Develop a student ministry with continuity in mind from 6th12th grades, to provide a solid framework for lifelong discipleship as a Christian
  4. Facilitate faith forming experiences (e.g. weekly ministries, retreats and conferences

for youth. Provide comprehensive planning and coordination for these activities

  1. Be available by appointment, for consultations/conference with parents, students, and 

their leaders

  1. Purchase and provide resource material for study, worship, recreation, etc. 
  2. Promote and Publicize Student Ministry activities and opportunities. 
  3. Manage budget for student ministries, working closely with the Finance Office per 

policies of the church

  1. Responsible for coordinating the use of building during all student functions (security

alarms, lock down, etc.) to ensure responsible, safe ministry. 

  1. Support Safe Sanctuary training for all volunteers as stated in Safe Sanctuary policy. 9. Student Director will make efforts to connect with visitors at all student events and on

regular basis will followup on less involved students

  1. Attend selected special activities in support of students by initiating or maintaining contact with church students in areas outside church (i.e., school, ballgames, home, special events.
  2. Serve as responsible team member of church staff duties may include but not be limited to
  3. Attend and participate in pertinent staff and administrative meetings as requested 2. Fulfill administrative duties, policies and obligations to staff team and church leadership 3. Direct, develop and manage necessary communication efforts as it relates to the 

student ministry at the church

  1. Participate as a cooperative team member with Pastors, staff and laity in all aspects of 

church life 

  1. Communicate with pertinent staff concerning all student ministry functions



Possess an individual faith/relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to live out your faith in Christian community

Bachelorsdegree in Christian Ministry, Education, Counseling, or similarly related field preferred, or Certification (or actively pursuing certification) in Student Ministry as defined by the Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church 

1-3 years of experience with student ministry in a multistaff setting 

Demonstrate experience and relational skills with middle school and high school youth Relational and leadership skills for working with volunteers and being part of a team ministry 

Seeks continual Christian education 

Willingness for understanding of and commitment to United Methodist doctrine 

Administrative skill for organizing and planning 

Proficiency in standard technology/computer software for professional use 


3 or more years of experience in a multistaff church setting 

Demonstrated commitment to professional development 

Experience in teaching and/or counseling 

Proficiency in communicating using social media 


Works closely with the Pastors, Grow Team, CMC Leadership, & Student Ministry Teams and volunteers

Statement of Faith 

I understand that working in a church requires a commitment of servant leadership and such a commitment is most fully realized through a faith in God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) made possible through a relationship through Jesus Christ. I realize that it is imperative that, as a staff member at FBSUMC, my words and actions must represent this church and reflect my faith in Jesus Christ, so that in every way our church might move toward making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” 


Director of Student Ministries Page


I hereby verify that I have received a verbal or written description of the job for which I am being employed, and I have been given the opportunity to ask questions about the essential functions of the position. I further verify that I am able to perform the essential functions of the job described, with or without reasonable accommodations, and certify that I have requested any reasonable accommodations that may be required at this time. I further certify that I acknowledge my responsibilities to request accommodations should they become necessary in the future, whether through change in my circumstances or through a change in the requirements of any position or task to which I am assigned. Finally, I agree to follow all of the Administrative Policies and Procedures of the church as created and maintained by the Church Leadership Council