St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
Position Description
Job Title: Office and Facility Services Administrator
Reports To: Business Administrator and Trustees Chair
Position Status: Full-Time Employee

Position Summary: This position is responsible for a variety of services that support other
members of the St. Mark’s staff as they carry out their respective ministries. The position
serves as a primary point of contact for church office visitors, volunteer staff, and service
providers. This position is also responsible for coordinating work necessary to ensure
church property is properly maintained and serviced.

Qualifications: The Office and Facility Services Administrator must possess all the skills
necessary to maintain strong, positive working relationships with many different individuals.
Interpersonal skills are especially important, as this position is primarily responsible for
maintaining a welcoming environment in the church office. Displaying a superior attitude of welcome and warmth, and being able to work with independence and minimal supervision are
other key elements for success.

The position does not require specific education requirements, but the position does require
substantial experience with personal computers and computer networks. Proficiency with
Microsoft Office products is also important, but a willingness to learn using appropriate
independent action is paramount.

Publishing Services
– Prepare weekly worship service bulletins using Microsoft Word after collecting relevant
information from various contributors including worship scripts, prayer concerns, usher
schedules, special announcements, etc.
– Publish biweekly newsletters via Constant Contact (an online email marketing tool)
after collecting relevant information, adding graphics, and performing edits deemed
necessary to ensure a consistent theme.
– Manage content on the church website ( hosted by FaithNetwork to include current
sermons, newsletters, and event listings; ensuring all content is relevant, fresh, and
effectively presented.
– Prepare ProPresenter slides for weekly worship services including hymn lyrics,
liturgical text, sermon titles, special announcements, etc. based on information
provided by worship scripts and other submitted information.
– Create and manage video content on the church YouTube channel.
– Create slide shows, videos, and multimedia presentations as required for special
services and events using Microsoft Publisher and/or ProPresenter for Mac.

Office Services
– Ensure all workroom office equipment (copier, printer, postage meter, fax machine,
folding equipment) is properly maintained; administer service contracts; and provide
staff training as needed to promote proper use.
– Ensure common workroom supplies are appropriately stocked and maintained in a neat
and orderly manner; place orders with established vendors as needed; assist with
development of the annual office supplies and services budget.
– Coordinate office volunteer work schedules and provide training regarding appropriate phone etiquette, the use of the NES telephone system, remote door answering system, and other tools commonly used by office volunteers.
– Assist office volunteers as needed to greet visitors, distribute food boxes, answer
phone calls and respond to uncommon situations.
– Maintain a listing of individuals who have requested a printed newsletter, print the
required number of copies, and manage the mailing process typically performed by
office volunteers.
– Prepare reports needed for weekly staff meetings including calendars, prayer lists, and
similar materials to facilitate review.
– Respond to requests for address labels, name tags, business cards, and similar
materials by performing the necessary work or providing training and/or guidance
regarding the use of available tools and supplies.

Technical Support Services
– Provide technical support for the audio-visual equipment used in worship services
ensuring the equipment is functioning as expected; arrange for help from external
service providers as deemed necessary.
– Maintain the PC network including printers, switches, and other connected devices;
ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the network from internet security
threats; ensure key files are backed up on a regular basis; arrange for help from
external service provides as deemed necessary.
– Manage remote access to computers and other network resources via LogMeIn;
ensuring only authorized individuals have appropriately limited access.
– Administer email services hosted by Network Solutions, including the creation of email
addresses for new staff members, assisting with email account set up, and providing
training as needed to explain account features and promote effective email
– Assist staff with the installation and/or updating of PC hardware and software, providing
guidance and training as needed to promote a common PC model.
– Assist staff with the installation and personalization of Microsoft 365, the current suite
of PC productivity applications made available to all PC users.
– Maintain records of hardware and software purchased via TechSoup, a source of
discounted technology products and services available to non-profit organizations;
assist in developing the annual budget for all technology-related subscriptions.
– Maintain the NES telephone system by updating extension assignments and other
settings as needed; ensure recorded greetings are up to date.

Facility Services
– Serve as the primary contact for contracted services including HVAC repairs and
maintenance, lawn care, pest control, irrigation system maintenance, fire alarm testing,
and other routine services.
– Investigate reports of facility-related problems and develop an appropriate course of
action, report unusual situations to the Trustees, and coordinate urgent repairs with
custodial staff and/or external service providers.
– Maintain a log of security anomalies reported by security personnel, investigate
concerns, and help ensure all safety and security protocols are understood and fully
– Work with custodial staff to ensure kitchen and janitorial supplies are properly stocked
and all storage areas are properly maintained; place orders with established vendors
as additional supplies are needed.
– Maintain records that help ensure routine tasks performed by the custodial staff are
performed as expected including van maintenance, exterior lighting timer updates, and
irrigation system watering schedules in addition to cleaning and minor repairs.
– Assist the Trustees with project planning by preparing requests for quotes, evaluating
responses, and developing annual budget recommendations.

Facility Use Services
– Maintain the church calendar to reflect all current events and meetings, ensuring room
reservations and other requested resources have been appropriately noted and
– Coordinate room set-up requirements with custodial staff and/or volunteers as needed
to provide adequate seating, tables, and other items needed for a scheduled event.
– Process external facility use requests by gathering necessary information, obtaining
approvals, and ensuring covenants are fully understood.
– Schedule heating and cooling requirements in accordance with the church calendar via
the Thermatec HVAC control system.
– Issue magnetic door lock key cards as needed by church members and others for
building access; ensure corresponding records are up to date.
– Ensure the remote door locking system (NetAXS) has been appropriately programmed
to enable building access during worship services and other scheduled events.

Please submit resume to 1267 N. Rutherford Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN 37130 by December 15, 2023.