390 S Yates Rd
Memphis, TN 38120

Wesleyan Hills United Methodist Church in East Memphis is seeking a talented pianist to accompany our choir and vocalists on Sunday mornings, including rehearsals on Wednesday evenings. This is a paid opportunity, and for the right person, a long-term opportunity.
We are looking for a pianist who can sight read hymns and choral sheet music, as well as improvise when needed to help with preludes, postludes, and occasionally, transitions between music or other elements of the liturgical service.
We are a small but dedicated, earnest, diverse, and affirming congregation.
This paid opportunity is “per event” (Sunday service is one event. Rehearsal is a separate event), which includes Sunday morning services, Wednesday evening rehearsals, and occasional special services or events throughout the year, especially during Holy Week and Advent. The per event rate is based on experience and skills.
Sunday morning services start at 10:50 am (choir warms up at 10:30 am) and finishes around 12:30 pm (at the latest) with the expectation that musicians arrive ahead of time to ensure a smooth start to the service.
Wednesday evening rehearsals are from 6:30 – 7:45 pm.
Please call the church at (901) 682-5921 or send your resume to for further information.
Job Type: Part-time