In line with Project Transformation’s vision of a loving, equitable, and purposeful world, Summer Program Interns pursue community transformation through the course of their term of service by building mutual relationships with children, churches, and other college-age young adults. They do this by exploring their faith in action, practicing vocational discernment, living in Intentional Christian Community, and leading summer enrichment programs in Tennessee.

Interns are directly accountable to the Director of Programming or the Director of Memphis Programs

(Specific responsibilities will be assigned to each intern.)
1. Facilitate Summer Program
• Complete Intern Training
• Participate on a team of young adults
• Individually and collaboratively plan activities for children or youth
• Maintain a clean, fun, and safe program environment
• Fill out and turn in required paperwork in a timely manner
• Communicate regularly with Site Coordinator
2. Build Intentional Relationships
• Support and encourage teammates and other interns
• Interact positively with program participants and their parents
• Build relationships with host and partner churches
3. Engage in Vocational Discernment
• Attend Friday Experiences
• Reflect on offerings from speakers, participating in small group conversations
• Network with volunteers, outside speakers, other interns
• Communicate regularly with House Pastor
4. Commit to Spiritual Development
• Participate in morning devotion, weekly worship experiences
• Recognize that your voice is valuable in worship spaces, no matter your religious background
• When there are opportunities to lead, lean in!

Summer Program Interns work on a team of college age young adults to plan, facilitate, and manage a fun and structured summer program! We build these teams by grouping interns together based on their strengths, interests, and personalities. The following list should give you an idea of the passions we strive to have represented on each team:
• Reading Volunteer Coordinator (RC) – hosts our reading volunteers during the program day; focuses on reading intervention, primarily with early readers in our program.
• Elementary School Program Intern – creates a fun, structured, relational environment for elementary schoolers to build self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making skills.
• Middle School Program Intern – creates a fun, high-energy, relational environment for middle schoolers to feel safe, build confidence, and cultivate leadership through engaging activities.

Returning applicants can apply to serve as a Site Coordinator, leading and empowering a team of interns at a specific summer program site. New and returning applicants can apply to serve as a House Pastor. You can learn more about the House Pastor position on our website.

A few other details –
Competitive applicants will be dynamic young adults who:
• Strive to live their faith in action
• Understand the beauty and messiness of sharing life with others
• Embody Christ-inspired leadership
• Believe the local church has a place in community transformation
• Know they have gifts to share with the world around them
• Desire to harness their skills and further their self-discovery

Wondering what you’ll get out of this experience?
Leadership Skills | Lifelong Friends | Networking Opportunities | Community Building | Team Formation | Resume Boost

Compensation: $3600 + housing + meals
Dates: Late May 2024 through July 2024
Locations: Clarksville, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Nashville