Historic UMCOR Sager Brown is a fully evolved United Methodist mission station where almost anyone of any age or ability level can contribute directly to the worldwide mission work of the church.  The central function of Sager Brown is the UMCOR Depot out of which 4-5 million dollars’ worth of donated relief supplies are shipped each year.  Mission team members work in the depot checking and packing various kits and flood buckets.  Others may work in a sewing room preparing items for the kits, go out into the community to repair homes, work in a women’s shelter, help at a food bank, or tutor children in local schools.  There is also work done to maintain the Sager Brown campus and, in the offices, depending on a team members skills and abilities.

To reserve a spot on the January 7-12, 2024 mission team being assembled from the TWK Conference, you would need to call, text, or email Rev. Gary Wedgewood at 615-390-2432 or gary.wedgewood@gmail.com as soon as possible.  There are currently ten openings on the January 7-12, 2024 team.

The cost of fees paid to Sager Brown will increase after this trip which has been grandfathered in at the pre-Covid rates.  Those costs for each team member are $25 plus $230.00 (plus $10.36 if you need Gary to run a background check for you.  If you have a background check that is less than three years old as of January 13, 2024 that is still acceptable.)   So, the total cost is $255 plus $10.36 if a background check is needed.

On the Sager Brown website at https://umcmission.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/UMCOR-Sager-Brown_Know-Before-You-Go_v3_2-6-23.pdf you will be able to download a pdf file entitled “KnowBeforeYouGo_rev082007” which should answer any questions about Sager Brown and the mission work that goes on there.

Other lodging options would be to drive an RV and park it at the Sager Brown RV facility at a cost of $100/RV space for the week or to rent one of the apartments on campus at additional cost.