TWK Youth Ministry Transition Team Postpones Vision Summit Until February 18-20, Continues to Seek the Prayers of the Conference

Responding to soaring COVID-19 cases as well as threatening icy road conditions, the TWK Youth Ministry Transition Team (YMTT) has postponed its Vision Summit, a vital piece of its foundational work, until February 18-20 at Lakeshore Assembly. 

Guided in the process by consultants from Ministry Architects (Sara Bailey and David Carroll), the team will work to formulate a statement of mission and a set of core values, as well as to project a set of three-year goals with one-year benchmarks toward which to work. It is, as Bishop McAlilly put it at the TWK Organizational Meeting Worship, the “why” of TWK youth ministry. 

To undergird this important pivotal meeting, the Transition Team seeks the prayers of God’s people, particularly the United Methodists within the bounds of the new TWK Conference.

Here are some suggestions for how you might participate:

  1. Say a prayer right now as you think about the upcoming meeting.
  2. Pray for the YM Transition Team members listed below, especially for their traveling safety and continuing health as they meet.
  3. Pray for the resulting documents and concepts, that they might reflect the Will of God.
  4. Print this article and add it to your other prayer materials.
  5. Any other way that God is leading you …

We thank you for your prayers and for the many other ways that you support the young people of the Church!

Youth Ministry Transition Team (YMTT)

Amanda Hartmann Westmoreland – TWK Youth Ministry Co-coordinator (Metro District)

Jordan Littrell – TWK Youth Ministry Co-coordinator (Cumberland District)

Jefferson Furtado – Liaison to the TWK Guide Team

Emma Collard* – Stones River District

Sophie Barker* – Metro District

Virginia Varden* – Purchase District

Graham Wheeler* – Caney Fork River District

Latricia Trull – Tennessee River District

Allison Doyle – Tennessee River District

Joshua Shaw – Mississippi River District

Hank Hilliard – Harpeth River District

Russell Casteel – Harpeth River District

Beth Shirley – Stones River District

Christine Penner – Caney Fork River District

_____________ – Red River District

Additional youth representatives are needed! Youth who would like to be a part of forming the future of the TWK Youth Ministry should contact Amanda Westmoreland ( or Jordan Littrell (

Ministry Architects TWK Youth Ministry Discovery Process Report – includes background, observations, assets, challenges, and recommendations for the new TWK Youth Ministry, as well as a working timeline into 2023.