(updated 8/02/22)

The clergy who plan to attend the Funeral for Autura Eason-Williams are asked to wear a black robe with white stole (or dark suit).

When they arrive, they will be directed to a robing room in the sanctuary building near the choir room and sanctuary.

Then, clergy will go to the clergy-designated seating. Seating for 200 clergy has been reserved. They are NOT processing into the service or lining up at the beginning.

There also will be a designated area for worship participants, Cabinet and visiting DS’s (all to the left of the pulpit).

At the close of the service, while the Metro District Choir is singing, “Going Up Yonder,” the clergy will make their way from their seats and, beginning at the last pew, will line up facing one another all the way through the narthex to the hearse, during the recession.

(Originally, clergy were going to line the aisle, but the space is too tight if the clergy are in the aisle at St. Paul UMC.)

Interment will be in Arkansas following the service.