Who Oversees Your Church’s Older Adult Ministry?

For the past several years, the ENCORE Ministry Committee has invited church leaders to complete an Older Adult Ministry Report. The brief report form submitted by leaders provides essential information on who in the church has responsibility for overseeing older adult ministry and what specific ministries the church has been engaged in related to older adults.

By knowing who has responsibility in the church for older adult ministry, the ENCORE Ministry Committee is able to provide helpful resource information to the right person. 
To complete an Older Adult Ministry Report for 2021, click here.

Committee members use the information received to provide resources and training opportunities for leaders in older adult ministry. Report information is also a source for best practices ideas for older adult ministry.

The ENCORE Ministry Committee invites you to complete the Older Adult Ministry Report for 2021. Send your completed form to Dr. Richard Gentzler at rgentzler@tnumc.org.
Thank you for sharing your ideas for ministry by, with, and for older adults with the committee.