Working Group Status Reports / 2020

TWKUMC Advisory Team | January 13, 2020

Prayer Group 
The team spent time praying for each Advisory Team member by name and talked about how visualizing the Advisory Team helped them feel connected to each person. Advisory Team members will be partnered – one from the east and one from west – praying daily for each other. 

Benefits Group 
The group will explore three presentations on possible insurance plans in March: Tennessee Conference plan, Memphis Conference plan (Westpath), and a third-party plan. A subgroup was formed to consider a funding structure for the plan chosen. The group will look at the two conferences’ pension plans to determine any differences and how they may be aligned.  A survey will be sent to clergy in both conferences regarding possible health benefits.

Structure Group 
The Structure Team is working on organizational diagrams  that show how ministry areas might be clustered in a new conference structure. Human Resources is a sub-group of this team. As a new structure is determined, a plan regarding how to best staff that structure will be developed. Recommendations  will ultimately be voted upon at the Memphis and Tennessee annual conferences. 

Communications Group 
The Pre-Launch Communications Team is working to  develop effective communication strategies for the launch of the Tennessee Western Kentucky Conference. A major part of such a strategy is telling emotionally and spiritually satisfying stories, as well as communicate the logistics for creating the new conference. An interim website is being developed where information can be shared from the Guide Team and Advisory Group. A new logo will be developed before annual conference. 

Legal Group 
Standing Rules will be revised and consolidated. This team also is looking at the corporate status of related entities, and how we can make policy decisions regarding related corporations, and determining the ownership or control of real property. All task teams will keep Chancellors Kevin Floyd, Zack McMillan, and Lisa Carson advised of significant developments in their work, particularly where legal issues may be involved. In turn, the Chancellors will keep the Guide Team, bishop, cabinet, and conference treasurers informed of their activities. 

Budget Group 
CFAs from both conferences will meet soon to work on the 2021 budget plan that supports planned ministry. Ministry is NOT created by a budget. A single, unified budget for 2021 is the goal. There is a lot of good work in process that will inform the budget such as that of the  structure team, legal team, HR team, and ministry teams. Some parts of the budget, such as the bishop’s residence, can be determined. But other pieces of the budget are contingent on various teams such as conference structure. These matters must be resolved by late summer/early fall of this year.