In 2019, both legacy annual conferences agreed to review the use and future viability of all conference-owned properties and to make recommendations. When we became the TWK Conference, the legacy Memphis Conference office building was sold.

During the past few years, conference staff has been downsized and, post-COVID, we have  increased remote work and meeting opportunities. Given that, we have more square footage at the Nashville conference office building than we currently need for staff offices and ministry meetings.

Options for downsizing our space by moving into other facilities has been one of the projects Rev. B.J. Brack, has undertaken since he joined the Administrative Services staff. Several of our churches have been considered and calculations have been gathered as to what that would cost and the timing involved for renovations. Most would take up to a year or more to make the necessary structural changes.

We were not seeking to sell the conference office building in Nashville, but an offer has been made to purchase it at a fair market price. The TWKUMC Board of Trustees reviewed the offer and agreed to accept it. If all goes well with inspections, etc., the sale will close in mid-August.

Given this, the conference staff will need to move this summer to an interim space until a more permanent location for staff offices and ministry meeting space is determined. Options are now being reviewed, and more information will be shared when a plan is in place.