TWK Youth Ministry Operational Team

What is the Mission of the TWK Youth Ministry Team? 

The youth ministry of the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference exists to connect, equip, and invest in youth and their leaders in order to develop communities of faith in which students from all backgrounds find belonging, serve their neighbors, and grow as followers of Christ. 

What are the values of the TWK Conference Youth Ministry? 

The TWK Conference Youth Ministry strives to be: 

Bold - Trusting in God's Spirit to provide, we confidently walk forward, unapologetically passionate in our conference's commitment to ministry with young people.

Gracefully Engaging - We seek to create meaningful connections with youth and their leaders while embracing people where they are. 

Intentionally inclusive – We seek to create a safe environment where every voice is valued and every youth is welcomed with love. 

Empowering - We purposefully invest in youth, encouraging them as they learn and lead in ministries for, with, and by youth. 

Sustainable – We are committed to ministries, systems, practices, policies, and programs that maximize the future of the conference youth ministry.  

Want to connect with us? 

We’re on Facebook and Instagram as @twkumcyouth. We would love for you to connect with us! 

Also, please fill out this form to connect with our team and receive updates!

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Youth Ministry Resource Hub

The TWK Youth Ministry Resource Hub is full of important information about youth ministry concepts and practices, as well as a great way to find access to many of youth ministry’s best known curriculum resource providers.

View the resource hub here!