TWK Youth Ministry Transition Team

What is the Mission of the TWK Youth Ministry Team? 

The youth ministry of the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference exists to connect, equip, and invest in youth and their leaders in order to develop communities of faith in which students from all backgrounds find belonging, serve their neighbors, and grow as followers of Christ. 

What Does This Team Do?

The Tennessee-Western Kentucky [TWK] Youth Ministry Transition Team oversees the conference youth ministry events, addresses the immediate pressure points facing the conference youth ministry, establishes a consensus for the direction of the youth ministry responding to emerging transitional needs and issues, and supports the youth ministry infrastructure.

What are the values of the TWK Conference Youth Ministry? 

The TWK Conference Youth Ministry strives to be: 

Bold - Trusting in God's Spirit to provide, we confidently walk forward, unapologetically passionate in our conference's commitment to ministry with young people.

Gracefully Engaging - We seek to create meaningful connections with youth and their leaders while embracing people where they are. 

Intentionally inclusive – We seek to create a safe environment where every voice is valued and every youth is welcomed with love. 

Empowering - We purposefully invest in youth, encouraging them as they learn and lead in ministries for, with, and by youth. 

Sustainable – We are committed to ministries, systems, practices, policies, and programs that maximize the future of the conference youth ministry.  

Want to connect with us on Social Media? 

We’re on Facebook and Instagram as @twkumcyouth. We would love for you to connect with us! 

Want to receive TWKUMC Youth Ministry updates?

For updates about the TWKUMC Youth Transition Team please fill out the youth ministry directory form!


TWK Youth Ministry is excited to announce the creation of the Conference Youth Leadership Team (CYLT). The CYLT is a leadership team of youth who will come together to share and support programming and events for youth and youth ministries. Taking the place of former CYC and CCYM groups, the CYLT will take part in planning conference youth events, growing in spiritual leadership, and representing youth throughout the conference, districts, and local churches. Read more about the responsibilities and opportunities of serving on CYLT.

Our first TWK CYLT will launch in August 2023, and we need your help in identifying youth to serve on this team and offer their God-given gifts to other young people in ministry and mission. High school youth (rising 9th-12th graders) are eligible to serve on CYLT, with permission from their parent/guardian(s) and recommendation from their church pastor and/or youth worker. CYLT applications are now open! Apply here. Applications are due May 31. Stay tuned as we begin an exciting new chapter of equipping and empowering young and diverse leaders in TWK Conference Youth Ministry. If you have any questions, please email

Youth Ministry cohort now forming for 2022-23!  Learn more...

Who is on this team?

The TWK Youth Ministry Transition Team consists of Youth and adults from across the Tenneessee-Western Kentucky Conference who are passionate about conference youth ministry. The members of the team are listed below, Youth members are indicated by an asterisk.

Amanda Hartmann Westmoreland – TWK Youth Ministry Co-coordinator

Jordan Littrell – TWK Youth Ministry Co-coordinator 

Jefferson Furtado – Liaison to the TWK Guide Team 

Emma Collard* – Stones River District 

Sophie Barker* – Metro District 

Virginia Varden* – Purchase District 

Graham Wheeler* – Caney Fork River District 

Latricia Trull – Tennessee River District 

Allison Doyle – Tennessee River District 

Joshua Shaw – Mississippi River District 

Hank Hilliard – Harpeth River District 

Russell Casteel – Harpeth River District 

Beth Shirley – Stones River District 

Christine Penner – Caney Fork River District