Living in covenant with God and each other moves us toward leading in a sacred way. This is God’s idea and invitation to us.  

From Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Moses, and David, to Jesus and the first Christians: covenant is an ever-present thread throughout the biblical story. We are all invited to be partners with Christ in the new covenant. 

Living in covenant is a gift from God, reminding us that through reliance on God and the grace that abounds in Jesus Christ, we gain the ability to love one another completely.

When a team creates a working covenant, it gives healthy teams the ability to build trust, which brings the security and freedom to risk new things, as a team grows together and leads through uncharted territory; it provides the ability, freedom, and accountability to try, experiment, fail, and try again. 

The covenant is a reminder, a marker that helps a team remember the companionship and will of God– and, as a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, keeps at the forefront of the work this promise: all things are possible with God.  

The New Conference Guide Team, the Connectional Table, as well as other teams who have worked to create the new TWK conference, have lived and led as covenant teams, abiding with each other and with Jesus throughout the journey. The covenant process has made the work not only possible but effective and successful–and, above all, holy in the sight of God. 

We have provided resources below to help your team enter this sacred work of covenant. May your living, learning, and leading together be blessed by this holy process.