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Lay Servant MinistryWHAT IS A LAY SERVANT?

A Lay Servant is an active, supportive member of a United Methodist congregation who is eager to be in ministry through the church. He/she is well-informed on scripture, doctrine, heritage, organization and life of the United Methodist Church and is committed to witnessing through church and community leadership, care giving ministries and spoken communication. A Lay Servant is willing to initiate ministry in partnership with clergy and other Lay Servants and willing to improve his/her skills for service.


This ministry goes beyond filling in for the pastor or speaking in public. Lay Servant Ministries offer many options for serving in roles other than the traditional pulpit supply. Teaching, serving, training, leading, participating, caring, loving and communicating are now integral parts of Lay Servant Ministries. With so many avenues of training, Lay Servant Ministries offer valuable education equipping United Methodists for all facets of lay ministry.


Classes are offered regularly in various subject areas throughout the conference. Starting with the basic class, one can then go on to advanced classes and go on to broader service as a Certified Lay Servant. God calls us and through continued development equips us to be Lay Servants. Up-to-date information regarding Lay Servant Ministry classes throughout the conference may be found here.

The charts linked below are a good resource that will help you understand the steps to take:

Certified Lay Servant

Certified Lay Speaker

Certified Lay Ministers

Lay Servant Classes to be Offered in Several Districts


Caney Fork River District Lay Ministry Classes

For more information on the Caney Fork River District’s class offerings, visit their page

Red River District Lay Ministry Classes

For more information on the Red River District’s classes, visit their page.