The Faith and Innovation team seeks to unleash, establish, and generate faithful strategies for the fulfillment of the kingdom of God on earth. We do this through nurturing a conference-wide culture of innovation, developing models that further risk-taking mission, and connecting congregations with tools and resources. Faith and Innovation consists of three sub-teams, each consisting of five to seven volunteer members.

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Thriving Congregations

Thriving Congregations connects clergy and congregations with tools, resources, people, and partners that can further their mission and impact in the world.

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Mission Spark

Mission Spark serves as a research and brain trust of Faith & Innovation, learning, collecting best practices, and introducing models for further risk-taking mission.

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Developing Innovators

Developing Innovators nurtures a culture of innovation among laity and clergy in the Conference; this includes journeying with those who are discerning leading new expressions of faith.

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