Death of District Superintendent

On July 18, 2022, District Superintendent Autura Eason-Williams was killed during a carjacking outside of her home. Thank you for your continued prayers for the family, friends and colleagues who grieve her death.

The funeral was held on Wednesday, August 3, at Saint Paul United Methodist Church in Lakeland, TN. A video recording of the service is available on the church's Facebook page. Funeral Program | Litany of Lament

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Lay Ministry Classes Available

The Caney Fork River District is offering Lay Ministry Classes at Centertown UMC from September 30-October 1.

All interested laity are welcome to register. Register now.

Interim Leadership Coverage Plan for Westside Districts

Bishop McAlilly recently provided an update on the leadership coverage plan for the westside TWK districts. Click below to read that update in full.
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