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FAQs Regarding General Conference Decisions - 2024

General Conference is the highest legislative body in The United Methodist Church. It usually convenes once every four years to determine the denomination’s future direction. Between 600 and 1000 delegates are elected by their annual conferences—half clergy and half laity.

The scheduled 2020 General Conference was postponed due to Covid restrictions, so delegations elected for that conference now will serve in 2024. The delegation for the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference was elected before the Tennessee and Memphis legacy conferences joined together to form the TWK.

At General Conference, delegates gather from all over the world to consider revisions to church law and the official ritual of the church, and adopt resolutions on current moral, social, public policy and economic issues. The General Conference also approves plans and budgets for church-wide programs for the next four years.

A Beginner's Guide to General Conference is helpful for understanding how General Conference works. If you plan to be in Charlotte for the conference as an observer, please register onsite at the convention center when you arrive. Also, there are opportunities to volunteer with the conference team. Visit the General Conference Welcome site for more information! 

For your convenience, we will be adding resources and page links to this page to assist you with finding information about the upcoming General Conference meeting. Please contact us at if you have recommendations for this page.

General Conference Guide to Prayer


Advance Daily Christian Advocate

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The new, valid petitions, reports, and updated Delegate Handbook information for the General Conference will be found in the supplemental Volume 3 of the ADCA (Volume 1 was the original Delegate Handbook and Volume 2 contains the original petitions and reports).

ALL petitions submitted for the originally scheduled 2020 General Conference as well as those more recently submitted will be considered by legislative committees.

What to know about General Conference proposals.This UMNews article includes information about:

  • Regionalization
  • General Book of Discipline
  • Revised Social Principles
  • Acts of Repentance
  • Amendments for equality
  • Separations and disaffiliations
  • Budget
  • Adding African bishops
  • Changes to U.S. clergy benefits
  • "Sent in Love" affirmation
  • Closer ties with Episcopalians
TWK General Conference Infographic
We appreciate the assistance of VAUMC in adapting this infographic to reflect the TWK.

Who Represents the TWKUMC?

Read article: The Work of Our General Conference Delegates

Our delegates were elected by the legacy Memphis and Tennessee Conferences in preparation for the 2020 General Conference which was postponed due to COVID restrictions. (The TWK was launched as a new conference in 2022.) Click to contact the Delegates.

Primary Delegates to General Conference

Robert "Rob" Martin
Harriet Bryan
Amanda Hartmann-Westmoreland
Stephen Handy
Marie King
Samantha “Sam” McGlothlin

Jim Allen
David Reed
Maggie Taylor
Josh Shaw
George Brown
Tom Lee

What's New?

What's New for GC2024 Series focuses on new ADCA items

A newly published section of the Advance Daily Christian Advocate contains additional petitions and updated reports for United Methodist delegates to consider as they prepare for General Conference. This series of articles explains the new items. 

Video Explanations

"Emily Explains" is a video series on a variety of topics related to the United Methodist General Conference. These easy to understand videos are presented from a layperson's point of view.

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