Please save the date for an April 9 informational webinar with delegates!

As most United Methodists are aware, the scheduled meeting of the General Conference (the highest legislative body in The United Methodist Church) was postponed in 2020 due to Covid restrictions. Typically, delegates gather from around the world every four years to make decisions on behalf of the denomination. 

Legislation that was to be considered in 2020, along with petitions submitted in 2023 for this meeting, will be taken up at the session to be held in Charlotte, NC, from April 23 – May 3, 2024. 

There are 1,099 submitted petitions to consider at this 2024 meeting. Delegates received all of this proposed legislation in three volumes of a publication called the Advance Daily Christian Advocate (available online).

Preparing to Attend the General Conference

Delegates attending this General Conference were initially elected to attend the 2020 session. A formula determines how many clergy and lay delegates each conference may send to the General Conference. The potential number of voting delegates from around the world is 862 for the 2024 session, 12 are from the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference (TWK).

TWK delegation members were elected before we became a new conference. Therefore, for the 2024 session, the General Conference identifies our representatives as two delegations from our legacy conferences: the Tennessee Conference and the Memphis Conference. 

All our delegates, including reserve delegates, have been meeting in person and via Zoom for several months to review the legislation they will be asked to consider. The group developed a covenant (agreement) for how they would work together. 

These individuals have volunteered many hours reading legislation and contemplating the potential impact on the church. They have gathered, prayed, and discussed these issues with one another.

What Happens During the General Conference 

The delegation will serve for two weeks at the General Conference. During the first week, they will attend meetings with their assigned legislative committees, which deal with specific topics and related sections of the Book of Discipline. 

They will consider:

  • Revisions to church law and policies,
  • Changes to church structure and organization,
  • Changes or additions to official church rituals.
  • Denominational statements, 
  • Missional priorities, and
  • Churchwide budget for the next four years.

The legislative committees then bring recommendations regarding proposals to the full body for consideration during the second week.  

The delegates will have the opportunity to pray and worship with people from around the world each day, asking the Holy Spirit to inform and inspire the work before them.

Throughout the two weeks in Charlotte, TWK delegates will work with our communications team to answer questions and keep our clergy and congregation members updated on their work. 

At District Gatherings of annual conference members in May, the delegation will provide a closing report on the decisions made at the General Conference and the potential impacts on our conference. Some issues may need to be addressed at the TWK Annual Conference in June. Please watch for district communications for details about the district gathering in your area. 

Answering Your Questions: TWK Delegation Informational Webinar  | April 9 @ 7 p.m.

Some topics have attracted much attention. The delegation is aware that clergy and members of our congregations have questions and may want clarity about proposals and how things work during the General Conference.

Therefore, the TWK Delegation is hosting a live webinar on Tuesday, April 9, at 7 p.m., during which they will provide more information on some of the proposed legislation and answer questions. That evening, the webinar link will be available on the conference website

Legislation to be discussed includes those regarding Regionalization, the Church Budget and clergy retirement benefits, the proposed Revised Social Principles, and proposals regarding human sexuality. 

It would be helpful if you submitted questions for the webinar before that day.

You may send questions or comments to our delegates using this contact form. The General Conference Information page on the conference website is: