The Office of Administrative Services includes the financial work of the Conference Treasurer, administration of the conference clergy pensions and health plan, conference statistical reporting, and other administrative duties related to conference property and staff.

Larry Davis, CCA – Treasurer/Director, Administrative Services
Clare Wilson – Assistant Treasurer
Melinda Parker – Assistant Benefits Officer
Alice Grunau – Assistant Administrative Officer/HR
B.J. Brack – Ministry Associate
Office email:

Please mail payments to:
Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference, UMC
PO Box 440132
Nashville, TN  37244-0132

Online payments

Other correspondence:
304 S. Perimeter Park Dr. Suite 4,
Nashville, TN 37211

Quick Links

Health and Wellness Benefits

How Do I Choose My HealthFlex Plans?  Everyone’s health care needs are different. What works for one individual may not be the best for a family or person with different medical or financial circumstances. With HealthFlex, you choose the HealthFlex plans that are best for you. You can select from 6 different medical plans, 3 different dental plans and 3 different vision plans.

HealthFlex Plan Comparisons 2024  This comparison highlights key differences and similarities between the various medical, dental and vision plans offered by HealthFlex.

2024 TWK Medical, Dental and Vision Premiums

TWK HR Manual

Tax Packet (for churches and clergy)

TWK Local Church Reporting, Including Year End Statistical Data, Charge Conference Forms, and Leadership

UMC Online Directory & Stats (not currently updated with current appointments)

Wespath (formerly General Board of Pension and Health Benefits)

Retirement Benefits

  • CRSP At A Glance Summary of Clergy Retirement Security Program for full time clergy.
  • UMPIP At A Glance One page summary of United Methodist Personal Investment Plan.
  • Designation of Beneficiary 
  • Contribution Election Form to begin or change your UMPIP before-tax or after-tax contributions. The employee and salary-paying unit must complete the agreement. The employer/salary-paying unit should keep the original form for its payroll records. Please make a copy of the completed form to Wespath Benefits and Investment at the address on the second page of the form, or you may fax it to 1-847-866-5195.
  • EY Planning Services When you invest toward retirement with Wespath Benefits and Investments you enjoy the added-value benefit of confidential, professional help from EY at no cost.
  • Rental Housing Allowance This resolution, which is adopted each year at annual conference, allows clergy to exclude from their taxable income benefits they receive from Wespath, up to the amount allowed by law.

Disability and Death Benefits (Comprehensive Protection Plan)

  • CPP Death Benefit 2024 Summary of clergy disability and life insurance benefits.
  • CPP Summary Plan Description Details of the disability and death benefits provided to clergy.
  • Designation of Beneficiary Complete this form if change your beneficiary designation. You may want to review your designation each time there is a change in your family status, such as birth, marriage, divorce or death.

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