This month (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15), we honor the rich history and heritage of Hispanic Americans. We celebrate the  many ways Hispanic Americans have enriched our society and we invite your congregation to  join us in this celebration. Below, you will find resources regarding the history of National  Hispanic Heritage month, Hispanic voices, and ways your congregation can join in this  celebration. May we continue to cherish the power we find in diversity.  

1. Hispanic Heritage Month Activities and Lesson Plans  

2. Top 8 Reasons Why and How We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 

3. Preaching and Worship Resources 

4. Worship Music Resources 

5. ResourceUMC Hispanic Heritage Month Outreach Resources

6. Religion & Race Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

7. UMC Discipleship Ministries: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


1. Delgado Podcast  

2. The Mestizo Podcast 

3. Latinx in Power 

4. Alt.Latino 


Rev. Dr. Erin Beasley 

Chair, TWK Commission on Religion and Race