Caring for clergy and ministry leaders is an essential part of caring for congregations and communities. In this episode, Table Talk host Jim Hughes talks with Rev. Joe Hansen and Rev. Stephanie Dunn about clergy and ministry leader well-being--what it means and why it matters.

Episode Five Transcript

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Episode Five Guests

Stephanie Dunn


Stephanie is a United Methodist clergywoman and the founder of Stephanie B. Dunn Coaching. With over 15 years of experience serving in local churches, she is dedicated to creating safe and empowering spaces for a person to engage with deep and powerful questions. With a warm and inviting approach, she aims to walk beside a person as they align their inner and outer lives, making space for the authentic self to flourish. Stephanie works with her clients to explore and discover new perspectives, asking powerful questions that encourage a person to engage with their hopes and overcome barriers. She brings to her coaching unwavering support and the belief in a person’s courage, partnering with them on their transformative journey towards a life filled with purpose and agency. 

Stephanie’s clients have included clergy, advocacy workers, and nonprofit leaders who are addressing burnout, vocational discernment or transition, or simply looking for someone to walk beside them through a challenge. 

Stephanie is an avid lover of the outdoors and can often be found on camping adventures with her family. She loves engaging with creative outlets as a way to stay grounded. She loves poetry and often incorporates pieces into her coaching practice. Painting with watercolors is another creative practice she dabbles with.

Stephanie is a graduate of Lambuth University and holds a Master of Divinity from Emory University.

Joe Hansen


Joe Hansen is a recently-retired Elder serving the Purchase District of the UMC as Project Manager, having served previously in United Methodist ministries since 1984. As a Kentucky Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Joe comes alongside clergy and their families to offer resourcing and support for mental health. He also encourages congregations to become informed and conversant about mental health to reduce the powerful stigma that still exists, and also encourages churches and individuals to become trauma-informed. It is a joy for him to fill in for pastors who need to be out of the pulpit. He's often accompanied by his wife, Liz, and the two often share special music and lead congregational singing.

Joe is also in private practice and sees clients with wide-ranging needs and concerns. He has received level 2 training in Gottman Couples therapy and is a Certified Grief-Informed Professional. His passion for this work is fueled, in part, by his own experience of significant mental health challenges and the ongoing journey of recovery and healing.

Joe received his M. Div. degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio and did his undergraduate work at Morehead State University, where his relationship with the Wesley Foundation changed his life and helped to shape his calling!