Dana Morris Brooks - Deacon

Elizabeth Ezell - Elder

Ben Morgan Falls - Local Pastor

Lisa H. Gwock - Deacon

James Dalton Hamilton - Elder

Donna Leigh Harvell - Local Pastor

Judi Kay Hoffman - Elder

Robin Kimbrough - Elder

Martha Dell King - Elder

Donald D. Law - Local Pastor

Gary D. Lawson, Sr. - Elder

Jim McKay - Local Pastor

Stephen Michael Lee - Elder

Roberta Beck Martin - Elder

William T. Moore - Deacon

Glenn Scott Morris - Elder

Paul H. Mullikin - Elder

Ronald Gene Peck - Elder

Jamie Smith - Local Pastor

Barry Neal Scott - Elder

James Alan Trull - Local Pastor

Richard Wesley - Local Pastor

Albert Wallace Willis - Deacon

2023 TWK Clergy Retiree Videos

Note: ALL retirees were offered the opportunity to create a video message for this project.

#1 - Share your most memorable moment in ministry...

#2 - What lesson do you wish you had learned early in your ministry career?

#3 - What spiritual practices have nurtured your faith?

#4 - What wisdom would you like to offer to new pastors?