A covenant entity is a faith-based organization that shares core UMC values and enhances UMC’s involvement in ministry. The relationship between the Conference and Covenant Entity is mutually beneficial in that they support and draw energy from each other. They are committed to one another, and more so committed to finding and fulfilling the dreams and visions that come from the Holy Spirit. Relationships with covenant entities are considered long-term, and must be approved by the Connect Strategy Team every four years. 

To apply to become a covenant entity, organizations should contact the Connect Strategy Team at connect@twkumc.org 

A Covenant Entity commits to: 

  1. ​​Prayers: Supporting the Conference through focused and intentional prayer;  
  2. Presence: Participating in the Conference Connection (for purposes of awareness, accountability and mission development); and providing information annually, including a mission statement, operational/financial reports, and any charter or bylaws amendments;  
  3. Gifts: Demonstrating indicators of fruitfulness;  
  4. Service: Advancing the strategic initiatives of the Conference;  
  5. Witness: Reflecting a United Methodist identity in the community.  

The TWK Conference commits to: 

  1. Prayers: Supporting the Ministry through focused and intentional prayer;  
  2. Presence: Providing at least one designated representative to the Ministry’s Board of Directors;  
  3. Gifts: Considering the Ministry for budgeted funding opportunities;   
  4. Service: Serving as a thought partner focused on mission development, awareness, and spiritual support;  
  5. Witness: Offering the Ministry an opportunity to submit a report to the Annual Conference and communicating with members of the Conference about the work of the Ministry in order to nurture missional development and build awareness.