Keri Cress (East End) - Chair
John Melick (Franklin First) - Civil and Human Rights
Dale Mathis (Grove Hill, Mt Pleasant)- Civil and Human Rights
Mary Foust (Brentwood) - Civil and Human Rights
Jed Hanes (Dickson First) - Economic Justice
Linda Cooper (Millington First) - Economic Justice
Russell Casteel (Camp Cedar Crest) - Environmental Justice
Andy Binford (Brentwood) - Environmental Justice
Davis Turner (West End) - Health and Wellness
Don Terry (Algood-Brotherton) - Health and Wellness
Diantha McLeod (Kynett, Burton's Chaptel, Wright's Chapel) - Peace with Justice
Mark Hagewood (Bellevue) - Peace with Justice
Elisa Wilhelm (East End) - Peace with Justice
Keller Hawkins (Belmont) - Women and Children
Carrie Sherrill (Project Transformation) - Women and Children
Larry Chitwood (St. Mark's and Faith) - Education
Steph Dodge (Glendale) - Education
Deen Thompson (Edgehill) - Education
Eric Mayle (Calvary) - Advocacy
Randall Dickerson (Ashland City) - Advocacy
Gale Sharp (Murray First) - Advocacy
Courtney Lawson, Ministry Associate 

Mandy White, Ministry Assistant