Our Vision

To invite others to join in the embodiment of the love of Christ in the local church community through the practice of radical hospitality by sharing stories of transformation, creativity, tradition, culture and knowledge of ethnic constituencies.

ELCC exists as a visible reminder of our spiritual covenant to model the Kingdom of God for the Conference. As such, we are a witness to the expansiveness of a God’s love that not only encompasses but also embraces the inclusiveness of all voices, including those of ethnic minorities. In this Conference this team is set up as a connecting link between various ethnic ministries (Asian, CAAST [African American], CONAM [Native American], and Hispanic/Latino ministries and the Congregational Transformation Team. We believe in Jesus’ call to practice a mutual and transformative form of radical hospitality that results in Christians practicing increased respect and care for others. Through our stories of transformation, we seek to provide guidance and resources to churches about cultural awareness and ethnic local church concerns; to provide a forum for dialogue among ethnic constituencies and annual conference agencies; to provide training for annual conference and congregational leaders; to promote and interpret ethnic local church concerns to the annual conference; and to nurture leadership of ethnic communities.


Our Mission


  • Visible reminder of our spiritual covenant to model the Kingdom.
  • Brings educational and emotional awareness of cultural experiences to congregations.
  • Promotes connectedness among ethnic communities of faith.
  • Anchors a communal identity among ethnic communities of faith.


Our Values


Our communal identity is foundational to ELCC’s team mission. We value our connectedness as faith communities desiring to share our respective identities with each other, and our communal ethnic identity with churches in the annual conference. We openly collaborate and partner with local churches to do the bridge building work.  We believe that we are better together, so we share our history with transparency in an open and honest manner and lead with compassion. We practice mutual radical hospitality through soul listening and storytelling.