Something beautiful has happened in Maury County. You may recall that the Santa Fe UMC congregation made the courageous and humbling decision to close with only five (5) remaining members. The last service was held on May 28, 2023.

On July 2, 2023, Fresh Start Recovery Church held its Sunday night weekly worship service in a new home: the sanctuary of the former Santa Fe UMC. The sanctuary was packed! Monitors had been installed so lyrics could be shared. Pastor Dedra Campbell preached a beautiful sermon that connected the history of the 1800s to 2023. It was our covenant connection at one of the finer moments.

Recovery groups have already been meeting here throughout the week and Fresh Start residents (in active recovery) have been cleaning, organizing, and helping set everything in place. Last night the two churches that have housed Fresh Start since its inception (2015), Craft Memorial and St. Luke UMCs were both present.

Bishop McAlilly probably said it best: “an Elijah – Elisha moment”. The passing on of the Spirit for a current generation. Thanks be to God!

Santa Fe laity have kept an excellent history of this congregation. A great example for how it helps the generations that follow:

You can get involved in Fresh Start by contacting Pastor Dedra or reaching out via the website:  Fresh Start will thrive with covenant relationships that support them in prayer, supply donations, financial gifts, volunteering, and other gifts God gives you to share. Healing occurs in the margins. You’ll find Jesus waiting for you there.