Church leaders from all churches in the new Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference were invited to attend a virtual Leadership Training Event for 2022 Church Leaders on Sunday, January 23.

The training was videotaped. Below are the links to each specific presentation.

Please share these links with those in your congregation who are serving in these areas, both the chairpersons and the committee members.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your district office.

A Welcome and Prayer
Cynthia Davis, Mississippi River District Superintendent

Church Council

  • Roger Penn, Brownsville First UMC
    Topic: The organization and responsibilities of the Church Council.
  • Brent Porterfield, Decaturville UMC
    Topic: The Church Council setting goals for the church using the S.M.A.R.T. method.
  • Mona Miller, Jackson First UMC
    Topic: Strategic Planning for the Church Council.

Creative Pathways

  • Barbara Blackman-Fortune, Tiptonville and Ridgely UMC
    Topic: The process and steps involved in moving into ministry.
  • Mary Beth Bernheisel, Dyersburg First UMC
    Topic: The role of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry.


  • Dan Camp, Tennessee River District Superintendent
  • Larry Davis, Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference (TWK) Chief Administrative Officer

    Topics include: Explanation of the Annual Fund Balance and statistical reports. The primary role of a local church finance team is not to minimize spending but to achievement of the mission and “raise such funds as necessary to enable effective ministry.”

  • Phil Jamieson, President and CEO of the UM Foundation of Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference
    Topic: Long-term sources of financing available through the Development Fund, Stewardship training, initiatives and programs available to the local church and the foundation as an investment alternative for your reserves.
  • Judy Tyree, Ripley First UMC
    Topics include: Organizing and leading the work of the finance team at the local church level. The importance of regular meetings, minutes and an established “feedback loop” with the congregation.

Staff-Pastor Parish Relations Committee

  • Dan CampTennessee River District Superintendent
  • Jule Nance, Alamo 1st UMC
    Topic: Caring for the pastor and pastor’s family. Examining the role of the Staff-Parish Chairperson as primary advocate for the pastor and family. Look at healthy ways of understanding inevitable congregational conflicts and managing expectations on both sides.
  • Ray Bryant, Jackson First UMC
    Topic: Representing the needs of the entire Congregation with and to the Pastor. Create healthy ways of communicating the realistic needs of the congregation with/to the pastor. Resolve conflict and mis-matched priorities in a manner that builds trust, deepens relationships, and teaches a biblical model of discipleship.
  • Pam Dietz, Humboldt UMC
    Topic: Best practices for organizing a local Staff-Parish Committee, the importance of meeting formally at least on a quarterly basis and maintaining minutes/records. Looking at the importance of a covenant relationship with defined and agreed-upon priorities.


  • Cynthia DavisMississippi River District Superintendent
  • Allen Grant, Humboldt First UMC
    Topic: Presenting what it means to be a trustee and how you are blessed and called to be a trustee.
  • Andy Gaddie, Bemis UMC
    Topic: Management responsibilities, including legacies, trusts, and insurance.
  • Tara Joyner, Union Grove UMC
    Topic: The organization, meetings, and reports of the trustee committee.