The Annual Conference Design Team is preparing an exciting inaugural annual conference! Please begin preparation for the conference now.

A certainty for us as humans is that things change in our lives. The way we move and live through change is called transition. Because we have not been able to meet in person in our legacy conferences since 2019, we will begin this annual conference session by acknowledging the change we have experienced as we have transitioned from our legacy conferences to our new conference. In many ways, we have already made changes that are necessary for us to be in ministry together. However, we will begin the annual conference acknowledging the transition that is necessary for our next steps together.

Transition Experience

We will begin our annual conference on Wednesday, June 15 at Brentwood UMC and online by meeting in our districts for a transition experience. If you are attending at Brentwood UMC, you will meet with other members of your district in a designated location. If you are attending online, you will be sent a special zoom link to gather in an online room with other members from your district.

Sharon Cox has worked with the Annual Conference Design team to design a facilitated process that will shepherd us into gathering as a new annual conference. Facilitators will guide us through small group discussions (in person and online) about transitions in our lives, our church, and our conference. This work will not only pertain to our life as an annual conference but also will have a direct impact on your local congregation and leadership as well as your own discipleship and life.

Watch The Video!

To fully prepare for the annual conference, please watch the 20-minute video linked on this page for an introduction by Bishop McAlilly and a presentation by Sharon Cox. 

If you would like to explore more, links also are available to the resources she mentions in the video.

June 15 Transitions Experience during the Annual Conference

Liturgy of Letting Go (PDF)

About Our Speaker

Sharon Cox, RN, MSN is a healthcare speaker and author with experience ranging from faculty and administrative roles to having her own consulting practice for the last 35 years. She has conducted seminars for over 600 healthcare organizations in the US and Canada in the areas of leadership training, change management and organizational development.