Mark Hagewood photoThe TWK Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) is pleased to announce that Mark Hagewood has been selected to be the next Treasurer of our conference. This nomination will be presented to the TWK Annual Conference in June.

Mark currently serves as the Executive Director for Church Management at Belmont United Methodist Church in Nashville, where he has been for nine years.

Mark is a lifelong United Methodist who has spent his entire professional career serving United Methodist institutions in middle Tennessee, including eight local churches, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, the United Methodist Publishing House, and Martin Methodist College.

He has regularly attended the Annual Conference as a lay delegate, brought petitions to the floor, and led music for conference worship. He currently serves on the TWK Committee on Church & Society. He has attended multiple Jurisdictional and General Conferences and is familiar with the structure of the UMC and our Book of Discipline.

CFA is excited that Mark will bring his skills and ministry approach to the TWK Conference. He is currently expected to begin with the Office of Administrative Services around June 1 and, upon election as Treasurer by the TWK Annual Conference, will assume that title on July 1.

The Hiring Process
Last fall, CFA formed a task force led by John Pearce, President of CFA, to source, interview, and hire a new Treasurer. It included members from CFA, Pension & Healthcare, Trustees, and the Administrative Strategy team. The task force also sought input from the bishop and selected conference staff. Each candidate had valuable and unique skills that created extensive deliberation, discussion, and prayer by the task force. After receiving input from all the people who met with the candidates, the task force recommended and CFA affirmed that Mark would be our next Treasurer.

CFA is very grateful to Larry Davis for his work and leadership over the past several years as our Conference Treasurer and wishes him all the best in his well-earned retirement. Larry was the Treasurer of the legacy Memphis Conference and a member of the guide team that helped to combine the Memphis and Tennessee Conferences into the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference.

As the TWK Treasurer, Larry managed the business and financial issues of combining the conferences’ two physical Administrative Services offices and reorganizing that staff. He also created a new general ledger and accounting system, had significant duties related to disaffiliation, managed our Boy Scout settlement, and handled many other items while making sure we paid our bills and effectively managed conference finances.

He also gave us enough lead time prior to his retirement to allow us to find a new Treasurer and have some overlap time for training and transition. Thank you, Larry.

For the Task Force,
John Pearce, President TWK Council on Finance and Administration